Download Builderoo 0.7
for Movable Type 3.2 or later

Works with Movable Type 4!

Builderoo is a text formatting system for Movable Type, the personal web publishing system from Six Apart. With Builderoo, you can:

Please see the documentation for more information.

Builderoo v0.7 is distributed under "The MIT License," an Open Source license. Please see the documentation for the complete license text.

Download: Builderoo v0.7

Builderoo requires Movable Type 3.2 or later. The sample plugins included with Builderoo may have additional requirements. Please see the documentation for the sample plugins for more information.

Documentation for developing Builderoo plugins is in "perldoc" form, in

To report bugs or submit feedback or suggestions, please contact the author. To receive email when new versions are released, or to discuss using Builderoo and developing plugins with other Builderoo users, join the Builderoo mailing list.

Copyright © 2004-2007 Dan Sanderson