DeAgostini 1:2 scale R2D2

Lab Notes

After 100 weeks, assembly of the DeAgostini 1:2 scale R2D2 is finally complete! Now I just need the weird batteries to arrive from eBay. Fully animated, mobile, voice and phone-app controlled. Pop-up lightsaber!


This is a very well designed kit with great instructions and tons of fun Star Wars magazine content. A satisfying experience with a monthly cadence over 25 months. Patience required for tons of tiny screws and two years of building. Expensive total (~$2k).…

Ooh just noticed they sell the full kit at once now, no waiting, and for $1600. Seems like a bit of a devil’s bargain without the pacing, but at least you’re assured that you’re getting the whole thing, and the discount is nice.…

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