Lab Notes

New P8SCII documentation

August 31, 2021

I spent today making a #pico8 wiki present for you all: a fully spec’d P8SCII character table, and enhanced P8SCII control code documentation! lmk what you think! (/cc @lexaloffle @Liquidream)

Tandy 1400 FD; NTS DreamWriter 200

August 22, 2021

Two quick ones today. First, a Tandy 1400 FD portable DOS machine with two 3-1/2” floppies and an LCD 80x25 screen. I don’t have a boot disk yet, freaks out after a few minutes, has a fishy odor. Looks cute though.

The HP 50g graphing calculator

June 9, 2021

In HP graphing calculators, between my beloved high school model (48GX) and the latest hotness (Prime) was the 50g. I thought I’d try to live without one but it actually has advantages over both of those models in programmability and data access (USB, SD card).

Compute!'s Gazette collection complete!

June 7, 2021

Collection complete! With this last acquisition I now have every print issue of Compute!’s Gazette magazine. Not counting the software special which for my purposes is nice to have but not essential. Gotta draw the line somewhere.

On PETs and rocks

June 7, 2021

The Commodore PET was named after the Pet Rock fad of 1976.

The original Pet Rock sold 1 mil units at $4 each in 1976.

The trademark holder reissued the Pet Rock in 2012. It is still available on Amazon for $20.

You can get an original issue vintage pet rock on eBay for $75.

The official P8PNG compression routines

May 1, 2021

For #pico8 hackers and historians, I put the C code for the P8PNG compression routines (legacy and PXA) on Github and linked them from the Wiki:…

Many thanks to @lexaloffle for releasing this code officially!

Franklin talking dictionary

April 6, 2021

Perhaps straining the interests of my followers in vintage tech but I’m enjoying this Franklin talking dictionary. Definitions, synonyms, pronunciations; word games, study lists; booklets on grammar, tables and lists.

Sharp Wizards

March 31, 2021

Got my new tip calculator! Time to get organized…

Compute!'s Gazette disk collection

March 2, 2021

My childhood is back! My childhood is back!

Super Mario Bros Game & Watch

December 1, 2020

I thought the Super Mario Bros Game & Watch would be an overpriced toy that I put in a drawer. I was not prepared for how wrong I was. This is a perfect grab and go toy with multiple levels of engagement, a fidget toy during meetings and a casual game between meetings.