PICO-8 on the RG 351M handheld game console

Lab Notes

Wow, #pico8 on the RG 351M handheld game console is fantastic! This one from Anbernic is metal, heavy, with solid controls. $139 USD is pricey but worth it.


This Retro Game Corps article has everything you need for set-up instructions. I adapted the “stock firmware” instructions to add a new entry under EmuELEC’s “Ports” section. There might be a cleaner way, but this works fine. retrogamecorps.com/2020/11/12/gui…

I found it easy to push files around directly on the SD card, but it also was not difficult to enable networking on the device and ssh/scp to the IP address displayed in the menu. Username: root, password: emuelec.

Huge thanks to @MorningToast for bringing this to everyone’s attention on the forums! lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=45111

Anbernic product link: anbernic.com/products/anber…

Article describing the differences between all of the models: droix.co.uk/blogs/what-is-…

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