Some HP calculators

Lab Notes

I’m a bit amused to discover that HP sells an HP Prime emulator as a mobile app for $25. App Store 3/5 stars due to being buggy.…

Meanwhile, the very old and very famous HP 12C financial RPN calculator is still being manufactured and sold:…

And while we’re on the subject, a shout-out to the Casio fx-115ES PLUS non-graphing scientific calculator, powerful and solar powered for only $15. Was amazed when I bought one for a kid.…

Quickie glamour shot of the Prime (right) next to my beloved 48GX (left). The 48GX won’t win any races, but it’s been mine since ‘94 including programming manuals and IR printer.


Back a generation, the HP-48’s predecessor the HP-28S! Familiar stack and menu UI, novel dual keypad design. Got it with original box and thick juicy manuals!


Further back: the HP-16C computer science calculator! An alternative in the Voyager line that includes the aforementioned 12C, with bit bashing and base conversion for programmers. It is itself programmable.


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