The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology

Lab Notes

I mentioned The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology by Karl J.H. Hildon (thanks again @BedfordLvlExp), and now I have a signed copy! Some things in this 122-page almanac of awesome:

  • Calendars for years 1984-1987 on the inside front cover

  • CBM BASIC reference charts for the VIC-20, C64, C16, and +4

  • Key references for six major word processors

  • Commands and keys for the +4 office suite, which I otherwise don’t know how to use

  • Five pages on COMAL, a micro programming language I’ve never heard of:

  • Machine language monitor commands

  • Assembler directives, op-codes, addressing modes

  • Hex and binary conversion charts

  • Maps for memory, kernal routines, BASIC entry points

  • Hardware register maps

  • VIC-20, C64, C16, and +4 variants of all of these, e.g. TED registers

  • Disk formats (header, sectors, files)

  • Disk command and diagnostic codes

  • Memory maps for three models of disk drive

  • Two pages of music notation and theory

  • A CompuServe dial-up directory, command reference, and category index

  • Seven pages of BBS phone numbers organized by area code, then again by title

  • US time zone + area code map on the same page as the BBS directory

  • Seven pages of computer clubs across the US with names and addresses

  • Pinouts for all chips and ports

  • Resistor color coding diagram; transistor leads

  • How-to test semiconductors with an ohmmeter

  • Unit conversion tables

  • Physics constants and formulae

  • Geometric areas and volumes

  • The Periodic Table of the Elements

Page for page possibly one of the most useful books on my desk.…

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