These are my larger projects with their own project home pages. (See Sketchbook for smaller stuff.)

MEGA65 Welcome Guide

The MEGA65 personal computer is a modern recreation of the unreleased Commodore 65 from 1991. The first batch of pre-orders began shipping in 2022. I wrote the MEGA65 Welcome Guide to make it easier for early adopters to get up and running.

Dan's MEGA65 Digest

A free monthly newsletter for anyone who owns a MEGA65, wants one, or is curious about what the MEGA65 community is up to. Available by email, web, or RSS feed.


picotool is a suite of tools and Python libraries for manipulating programs for the PICO-8 fantasy game console. Most people use it to minify the Lua code of large projects to fit into PICO-8’s code character limit. I intend it to be a multi-purpose build workflow tool, though recently added features of PICO-8 have made some of the original intent unnecessary.

Programming Google App Engine

I wrote Programming Google App Engine, a technical book about the Google App Engine web application hosting product. The first edition was published by O’Reilly Media in 2009, and we did a second edition in 2012. In 2015, we updated it again, this time splitting the book into a Python edition and Java edition.

Project Updates

Dan's MEGA65 Digest

September 8, 2022

I’m starting an email newsletter for the MEGA65! Subscribe today!

picotool, a Python library for PICO-8

November 13, 2015

picotool is a suite of tools and libraries for manipulating data files for the Pico-8 fantasy game console. picotool is written in Python 3, and it includes a full Lua parser written from scratch.