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Dan’s MEGA65 Digest reports on project status and new software releases, and every issue includes a feature article with a MEGA65 activity or technical topic. There is even a podcast read-aloud version, wherever you find your podcasts!

There are substantial documentation, software, and community resources for the MEGA65, in various states of completion and freshness. While browsing available resources, keep in mind that there have been multiple iterations of the MEGA65 project leading up to the 2022 launch:

  • Some resources may refer to the DevKit model, a pre-production version of the MEGA65 that sold 100 units (no longer available).

  • Others may refer to the Nexys A7 FPGA board, an alternate way to run the MEGA65 core and ROM.

  • Still others may refer to the Xemu emulator platform, which can emulate a MEGA65 on a PC.

  • The MEGA65 with the injection molded case and mechanical keyboard uses revision 3A of the board and is sometimes referred to as “R3” or “R3A.” The 2024 model is known as “R6.”

Here are some useful next places to visit:

Thank you for reading this Welcome Guide! If you have feedback on how I can make this Guide better, or just want to say hi, please report an issue, email me (I’m Dan), or DM dddaaannn#7325 in the MEGA65 Discord.

Welcome to the world of personal computing. Enjoy your MEGA65!

GO 65